The Sims 4 Mod: Slice of Life

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Unleash the ultimate in Sim self-care and style revolution with our mod! Say goodbye to mundane routines and hello to drama-packed bad breath, confidence-boosting face masks, and mirror magic that transforms hair and fashion at the snap of a finger (well, almost). From suggesting breath mints to your smelly neighbor, to making your sweetheart swoon over your stunning new 'do, this mod spices up Sims life in ways you never thought possible. Become the trendsetter of your virtual world and let the chaos ensue...or embrace newfound order. The choice is yours!

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Expressive Facial Overlays

Enhance your Sims' emotional journey with captivating facial overlays that bring their feelings to life! When in the throes of romance, watch cheeks bloom with a rosy blush, a clear signal of flirty intentions. For those melancholic moments, tearful eyes reveal heartache and sadness that tug at your heartstrings. Dealing with late nights? Dark circles under the eyes stand as badges of tiredness. Keep an eye out for those pearly whites – when neglected, teeth can turn yellow, but a quick brush can restore their bright, white charm. As your Sims navigate the world of emotions, their romantic interests won't miss a beat, noticing their blushing cheeks. And that's not all – injuries won't go unnoticed, leaving visual cues of pain and discomfort etched onto their faces. Last but not least, embrace the reality of teenage skin with subtle acne overlays, reflecting the authentic highs and lows of Sims' lives. With expressive facial overlays, every emotion and experience takes center stage, creating a truly immersive and heartfelt simulation.

Bad Breath & Oral Hygiene

Tired of Sims wandering around with that perpetual garlic aura? This feature brings realism to oral hygiene! Introducing bad breath, a hilarious and mortifying buff that affects your Sims' interactions and relationships. Forget to brush those virtual teeth? Your Sims will be hit with bad breath, making it tougher to build connections and leading to cringe-worthy reactions from others. The bad breath buff lasts for three in-game hours, adding a sprinkle of chaos to your world. But fear not, it'll vanish on its own eventually – just like real-life bad breath (sort of). For the true heroes of dental care, brushing teeth can swiftly eliminate the dreaded buff and the accompanying smelly cloud, leaving your Sims minty-fresh and ready to conquer the social scene!

Beauty & Skincare

Revamp your Sims' beauty routines with this revival of skincare and pampering. Face masks aren't just for self-care Sundays anymore – they're a game-changer! Equipped with a 30% chance of vanishing acne after each mask session, these skin-transforming miracles not only leave your Sims blemish-free but also contribute to building the wellness skill. Boosting confidence and positive moods, face masks introduce a new layer of depth to your Sims' lives. With various options for application – whether it's by clicking on mirrors, beds, showers, or tubs – you'll find your Sims indulging in moments of serenity while they emerge with radiant, acne-free skin. And yes, masks can even be gifted to others in your virtual world!

Stylish Hair & Fashion

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who's the most stylish Sim of them all? Now, your Sims can answer that question themselves! Introducing the power of mirror styling, where your Sims can choose between the natural and the daring – the former closely resembles their existing hairstyle, while the latter embraces randomness to the fullest. Worried about a hair mishap? No problem, a quick shower or bath will reset your Sim's locks to their original glory. But that's not all, your fashion-forward Sims can now purchase clothing items directly from mirrors! Whether it's a single shirt, a stylish pair of shoes, a snazzy new bottom, or a complete outfit overhaul, the mirror has got it all covered. And for those inevitable fashion mishaps, the ability to remove all purchased clothing items is just a click away.

Social Interactions

Prepare for hilarious and heartwarming interactions galore! Is your neighbor's breath turning heads for all the wrong reasons? Your Sims can now suggest a breath mint, a quirky yet effective way to alleviate bad breath and win over NPC sims. Partners will react with flirty gestures to new hairstyles, adding a dash of romance to your virtual love stories. Sims will now be more observant, reacting to bad breath, freshly brushed teeth, and even the presence of facial masks. And don't think the kids are left out – children and those with a childlike nature will be amused and curious about the facial mask phenomenon. It's a world of dynamic social interactions like never before!

Makeup, Cologne & More

For the artistic souls and party animals, mirror styling offers risky options that exude creativity and fun. Meanwhile, Sims with a penchant for perfection and a taste for the refined will lean towards the more conventional mirror choices. Elders embrace the mirror's transformative power, while heartbroken Sims venture into risky styling options as a form of self-expression. Students can now prep themselves with mirror styling before heading off to school. But that's not all – this mod takes beauty a step further with makeup application, cologne and perfume interactions that add flair to your Sims' daily routines. Express your Sims' unique personalities with a touch of glamour and sophistication!

Intrigued? Dive into a world where personal care and style meet virtual reality, turning your Sims' lives into a dynamic and vibrant tapestry of interactions, relationships, and self-expression. Embrace the chaos, bask in the beauty, and watch your Sims' stories unfold like never before!

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How to use: Install into your mods folder > Click on any mirror in-game.


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The Sims 4 Mod: Slice of Life

143 ratings
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